Pest analysis of indian steel industry

For example, power shortages are common across the country, which can stop the production process.

Furthermore, the country also possesses one of the strongest IT sectors in the world, promoting constant IT development, software upgrades and other technological advancements. Tata Steel is introducing the more efficient method of continuous casting across its steelworks, seeing production increase from 5million tonnes per year in to nearly 10 million tonnes in To expand from India into the global marketplace Tata Steel has made numerous acquisitions including Millennium Steel inNat steel inand Corus Steel in The country has also been opening its doors to attract investors and foreign companies to further promote growth.

India has a population of more than 1. Therefore, there are structures with percentages according to age.

Pestle Analysis of TATA Steel

These programs also indirectly benefit Tata Steel as if their surrounding workforce is kept healthy and satisfied they are likely to be more productive.

Privatization is also influenced and the government encourages free business through a variety of programs. India is served with both 3G and 4G technology which has facilitated several of their technological projects.

However, poor infrastructure in India can have negative impacts on productivity for Tata Steel. Crude steel output at the biggest Indian Steelmaker is roughly tonnes per worker per year, whereas in Western Europe the figure is around tonnes [3]. Political Factors Being one of the largest democracies in the world, India runs on a federal form of government.

The taxation system is well-developed and several taxes, such as income tax, services tax and sales tax are imposed by the Union Government. Also, the transportation links within the country, for example road and rail connections, are of a low standard which can make the distribution and supply process inefficient.

However, when it comes to environmentthe quality of air in India has been adversely affected by industrialization and urbanization, also resulting in health problems. It is estimated that the Tata Steel group produces 31million tonnes of Steel per year.

These structures contain varying flexibility, in education, work attitudes, income distribution, and so on.

PESTLE Analysis of India in five Steps

For the past decade or so, India has been experiencing a constant growth in its GDP, along with a continuous growth of liberalization from till date. Following three decades of stale growth, often blamed on the following of socialist-inspired policies India has progressed towards a free market economy through economic liberaisation.

What is Pestle Analysis? These projects combined with the company values, give Tata Steel an eco-friendly image, which is becoming increasingly important in the current global marketplace.Major playres Tata steel Sail Bhushan power and steel ltd Jindal steel and power limited Essar steel Global Froyas.

Political Allowing private ownership and foreign investment Improving the intellectual property laws Customs policy SEZs SIRs. The Indian steel sector enjoys advantages of domestic availability of raw materials and cheap labour. The Indian steel industry is largely iron-based through the blast furnace (BF) or the direct reduced iron (DRI) route.

Indian steel industry is highly consolidated. The analysis shows that the Indian steel industry suffers from low productivity of labour but high capital. extensive mechanization in all possible areas as well as pollution control measures need 5/5(1).

Research and Markets: PEST ANALYSIS - Steel Production in United States - Presents a Brief Profile of the Industry Comprising Of Current Market, Competition in It and Future Prospects. TATA STEEL and ESSAR STEEL. Indian steel mainly contributes in the finished steels, semi-finished steel, pig iron and stainless steel.

Private sector plays very important role in the Indian steel industry. The private sector in the steel industry contributes approximately 2/3rd of the total market of the steel. Latest Market Research Reports on Indian Industries.

Indian Steel Industry: Political, Economic, Social and Technological Aspects

PEST Analysis, Country Forecast and Other Details.

Pest analysis of indian steel industry
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