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Stark was re-designated to the packaging development department. Specific action driven meetings were held.

Analysis of issues and the improvement process To implement the change process Peter needed to first transform the marketing team. Continental Group viewed White Cap as this prima donna division witn inta ed salaries Browning came to the conclusion that without production of a plastic Continental white cap closure, White Cap would become irrelevant and continue to lose customers.

The fact that leadership is taken into confidence can help the leadership to become an effective part Continental white cap the transformational process Zimmerly, The funds that come from such a strategy could help White Cap reach above their competitors rather effortlessly and build the systems needed to compete in the new plastics technologies.

It is obvious by reading the case that Continental Group, Inc. This strategy would be met with inherited department management such as Jim Stark, Continental white cap Director of Marketing.

The area of specialization were closure production and its distribution. He was able to bring about the necessary changes so that the employees had an opportunity to adopt to the change process and not left behind. In the specific case of Peter Browning there were some challenges that were waiting for him.

This helped in carrying out the change process. The emphasis on training in areas such as how to measure and interpret data will greatly improve the operations hrough-out White Cap.

Brownings attempt to alter these traditions would be met with great resentment. Peter kept all stakeholders informed about the change process. This also helped in changing the attitudes of other employees towards the change process. Peter was in need for a change process that was rapid and powerful.

White Cap could expand into regions that they have not ventured into and will help position them at the top of most plastics markets. There was also a problem of a high overhead leading to low value compared to cost.

The second obstacle was the well-known family-style culture and long-term paternalistic management philosophy that founder William P. There were also incentives system in plance. Another recommendation is the horizontal growth strategy.

The performance of the employees was evaluated and they were rewarded for good performances. TQM also emphasizes prevention. In the marketing department the change for leadership necessary and Vince was brought in as the leader. Towards the end of this paper I would discuss the importance of the change process and how it can guide us towards a corporate success.

Critical facts White cap was an organization that had really deep roots. The program I feel that best fits White Cap would be to implement the TQM program total quality management as it stresses commitment and without it, nothing will work.

Another obstacle was the burden of systems and processes keeping White Cap from moving forward and continuing as a market leader. This paternalistic management philosophy created great loyalty from the employees, long-standing traditions of Job security and generous benefits packages.

Technical and managerial systems in this case were also affected. Not the other way around.

Peter Browning and Continental White Cap

This helped him minimize resistance to change at the high level of the organization. Browning hoped that his success and familiarity with White Cap would lead to creative thinking and a long run at making a successful company survive through change initiatives and competitive forces.

The employees at the company were used to traditional managerial styles. White family were the patterns of the company. The employees were given the due attention they needed by enabling them to be part of engagement and retention training programs.

Case Analysis: Peter Browning and Continental White Cap

The team needed to be technologically adoptive. Peter was able to identify the issues and problems and had the courage to go straight to the organizational leaders and take them into confidence. This seemed the case in the closure market as other vendors were offering too much lower prices for their products.

There were different challenges that Peter had to focus on to be successful in what he was tasked to do.Continental Can acquires White Cap: Peter Kiewit acquires Continental Can: Schmalbach-Lubeca acquires Continental Can's European Operations and White Cap (USA) from Silgan Holdings purchases Amcor White Cap Europe/Asia & South America, re-unification of the White Cap businesses; name changed to Silgan White.

Presents a new divisional vice president's entry into a well-established and still successful manufacturing organization which is nevertheless facing an impending competitive crisis.

Demonstrates his challenge and his efforts, under pressure from corporate headquarters, to convince his staff that the crisis is real and to make changes in the organization's.

Continental's management did not believe that White Cap was aware of the speed at which the competition was beginning to steal White Cap's business, and that White Cap's management was blind to it by an arrogance of being number one for such a.

Continental White Cap In AprilPeter Browning became the new divisional vice president of Continental White Cap.

Case: Change Classic: Peter Browning and Continental White Cap

The market leader in producing and distributing vaccuum-sealed metal closures for metal jars. In William P. White and his two brother started White Cap Company in an old box.

Peter Browning and Continental White Cap (A)

Peter Browning was promoted to the position of Vice-President of Continental White Cap in after holding the position of Vice President and General Manager of Continental’s Bondware Division where he turned losses into profits.

Browning was faced with the daunting task of rejuvenating and repositioning the Chicago division in the face of. Peter Browning assumed the management of Continental White Cap, which was a division of the Continental Group, Inc. Browning was recognized as a very powerful and influential leader that had assumed and completed strenuous assignments in .

Continental white cap
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